Integrated Land Management Curriculum for Victoria

Tegan Brown

Institute name

The University of Melbourne

Qualification name

Master of Forest Ecosystem Science

Past/Current Role

Graduate Bushfire Risk Analyst

What inspired you to undertake your qualification in land management?

I was inspired to undertake a qualification in land management by completing some electives in the 2nd year of my Science degree where I really enjoyed ecology and plant sciences. I changed my major from Anatomy to Environmental Science and haven't looked back!

What were the best parts of doing your land management qualification?

The best part of doing this land management qualification was completing an Honours year in Forest Fire Ecology. It was the best possible decision for me and I would highly recommend an Honours year to anyone currently studying.

Could you please tell us 1-3 sentences how your qualification helped prepare you for a career/role in land management?

My land management qualification helped my career by providing me with perspective across a range of concepts as well as the development of more specialist skills in researching, budgeting, project and volunteer management and travel that made me more independent, a confident leader and an excellent writer.

What short message would give to a person thinking about doing the qualification you undertook?

If you were thinking of doing this qualification keep in mind that high quality results from university are important, however, I believe that employers are also looking for interesting, well rounded people with team work and leadership skills. Being involved in a club and committee outside of university is probably why I was selected for my job over a range of other high quality candidates

What are some of the activities that you would undertake in the career/role you have outlined previously?

In my land management career I undertake firefighting, planned burning, computer based analysis of landscape values , mapping, community engagement, fieldwork and data collection.

In 1-3 sentences, could you please tell what you love about this career/role?

The best thing about my career is that it's always changing! Victoria are world leaders in fire planning and management, so how we managed the landscape last year is not necessarily how we will do it this year. I love the cycle of constant learning that is encouraged in this field.

If you have any further comments you would like to make on either your land management qualification or career/role then we would love to hear about it (optional).

One last thing; developing practical skills throughout your university qulification is really important but don't forget to go out and volunteer to further develop your field skills.