Bachelor of Environments - Landscape Architecture Major

Entry Requirements

English/EAL is required.  Those wishing to do the following majors: Construction, Engineering Systems, Property, Spatial Systems, and Environmental Science will need mathematical knowledge equivalent to VCE Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 3 and 4 with a study score of 25 or more. Students intending to pursue one of these majors should take VCE Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 3 and 4 or an equivalent subject.

Not available for first-year commencement in 2017 and Available for admission with Advanced Standing in 2017

Qualification outline

Landscape Architecture is a design profession which provides a unique bridge between design and the environmental sciences. It utilises design and ecology to plan our external environments across the spectrum of urban, rural and natural that impact our lives both physically and psychologically. This major explores the practice, theory, history, and long-standing ecological sensibilities of the discipline across all scales of design encompassing large-scale public projects such as the Olympic Parks in Sydney and Beijing, to suburban development, to smaller urban spaces and gardens. Landscape Architecture offers creative opportunities to engage in core ecological, cultural and social issues faced today with students of this discipline attracted to its creativity and diversity, its challenges and demands. Students in this major will develop skills to create sustainable design solutions to address local and global ecological, cultural and social issues through studio classes, site visits, and the theory, history and practice of landscape architecture. The course utilises a problem-based approach which challenges students to respond to land planning and transformation issues, and sustainable design principles, and to engage with natural processes to generate ecologically responsive and appropriate designs

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