Bachelor of Sustainability

The information below relates to an upcoming program. For more information please check back later or contact the relevant institution.

Entry Requirements

Satisfactory completion of VCE including pre-requisite units 3 and 4 English (any) or the equivalent interstate, overseas or mature entry qualification (Selection is based on a range of criteria, including your life experience, working and volunteer experience, and the further study and training you may have completed).

Qualification outline

The Bachelor of Sustainability integrates environmental science, social science and business to equip students with a broad theoretical understanding of sustainability issues, as well as the necessary practical skills to allow them to flourish in a rapidly expanding sector of the employment market. The program incorporates material from each of the three core disciplines, and allows students to choose one area of sustainability (environmental, social or business) in which to major, while gaining a rich understanding of all aspects of sustainability theory and practice. The program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to bring about transformative change in the workplace and the community via a multidisciplinary approach, with a holistic core of focused sustainability courses. The applied nature of the program will ensure that graduates of the Bachelor of Sustainability are work-ready.

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