Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science

Entry Requirements

Units 3 and 4 - with a study score of at least 15 - in English (any); and Units 3 and 4 - with a study score of at least 15 - in Maths (any) OR a study score of at least 15 in Science (any) OR Geography (any) OR interstate/overseas equivalent.  Selection is based on a range of criteria, including your life experience, working and volunteer experience, and the further study and training you may have completed.

Qualification outline

This program meets the demands in the expanding field of resource management for graduates with a strong background in biological science together with applied skills in biological resource inventory and analysis, and ecological management. You will develop a sound multi-disciplinary scientific knowledge base and appreciation of environmental ethics and the influence of human activity and climate change on natural systems with a strong background in biological and earth sciences. The program has an emphasis on Australian ecosystems that encompasses flora, fauna, ecology, and diverse landscape processes, such as fire. You will also gain essential and practical skills in a range of relevant computer applications, resource management planning, data analysis, research, field survey and assessment, report writing and interpretation. Throughout the program emphasis is placed on developing professional skills encouraged and required by industry and commerce, in particular, those relating to the complex issues of natural resource management. The program has been recently revamped to cater for emerging issues and demands in the environmental management field. 

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Institute name Federation University
Program Offered
Location Ballarat, Churchill
Study type Full time (3 year), Part time (6 year)
Delivery Mode onsite standard and online