Bachelor of Environments - Landscape Ecosystem Management Major

Entry Requirements

English/EAL is required.  Those wishing to do the following majors: Construction, Engineering Systems, Property, Spatial Systems, and Environmental Science will need mathematical knowledge equivalent to VCE Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 3 and 4 with a study score of 25 or more. Students intending to pursue one of these majors should take VCE Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 3 and 4 or an equivalent subject

Not available for first-year commencement in 2017 and Available for admission with Advanced Standing in 2017

Qualification outline

The Landscape Ecosystem Management major explores rural and urban ecosystems and the human activities that shape these systems. Parks and public open space, protected areas, residential environments, forests and agricultural landscape provide important ecological, amenity and social values with this major providing students with an understanding of how these landscapes function, how they are use and their importance to society.  Through a range of subject areas covering biological, physical and social aspect of the landscape students will develop a greater understanding of plants, animals, soils, water, fire, conservation, ecology and their complex interaction with society in a range of contexts.  The major culminates in the subject Integrated Landscape Analysis where they use the knowledge they have gained throughout their studies in different disciplines to solve real world problems.  Throughout the major, understanding of ecosystems is explored in the context of management issues and strategies, allowing students to develop skills for professional practice in landscape management.

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Institute name The University of Melbourne
Program Offered
Location Parkville
Study type Full time (3 year), Part time (3+ year)
Delivery Mode onsite standard