Diploma of Conservation and Land Management

Entry Requirements

Satisfactory completion of VCE (with at least one unit in each of English and General Maths). Non Year 12 applicants must complete and submit the VTAC Personal Statement.

Qualification outline

This program is a component of the Conservation and Land Management National Training Package and prepares graduates to work within environmental management with a broad range of skills. It provides the participants with the skills and knowledge to work in community co-ordination and facilitation, conservation earthworks, indigenous land management, lands parks and wildlife, natural area restoration, vertebrate pest management and weed management. You will learn to develop management plans for designated areas, including pest management. You will also learn to sample soils and interpret results. Students study the management of fauna populations, conduct biological surveys and collect and classify plants and will develop sound scientific and critical analysis skills. These will prepare you for your career in the field as well as laboratory and management positions. The Diploma is a very hands on program with a strong emphasis on practical learning. Upon completion, students have strong field experience with underpinning knowledge. Graduates who go on to study in the degree program are very well prepared and tend to excel.

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Institute name Federation University
Program Offered
Location Ballarat
Study type Full time (1 year), Part time (2 year)
Delivery Mode onsite standard