Master of Forest Ecosystem Science

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for entry, applicants must have completed: an undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline with at least an H3 (65%) weighted average, or equivalent; OR an undergraduate degree in any area including at least 25 points in one or more of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Statistics, or equivalent, and with at least an H3 (65%) weighted average, or equivalent; OR an undergraduate degree in any area and a Graduate Certificate in Environment with at least an H3 (65%) weighted average in the Certificate, or equivalent; OR a two-year associate degree or diploma in a relevant discipline, or equivalent; and five years documented, relevant professional experience; and an appropriate level of performance on a test conducted by the Selection Committee to confirm generic skills necessary for successful study in the program. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee selection.

Qualification outline

Forested landscapes play a critical role in sustaining human and other biological communities providing wildlife habitat, biodiversity, timber, clean water and other ecosystem services as well as playing a central role in mitigating rapid climate change. The Master of Forest Ecosystem Science offers the knowledge, skills and analytical capabilities to shape the development of forest and natural resource management enterprises world-wide. With a broad and diverse range of subjects covering areas such as climate change science, water resource management, biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration, bushfire management, forest assessment, sustainable forest management and business management, students can tailor their qualification to develop the skills and knowledge they need for their chosen career. Students will benefit from connections, experiences and involvement of forest, land and fire agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) in the learning and teaching to help them develop contextual knowledge and key networks with future employers. Taught mainly in intensive two-week blocks with supplementary off-campus study, this qualification allows students the flexibility of part-time or remote study, or more rapid completion if this is desired. 

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Institute name The University of Melbourne
Program Offered
Location Creswick
Study type Full time (2 year), Part time (2+ year)
Delivery Mode onsite intensive
If you were thinking of doing this qualification look at it as an experience in learning how to learn rather than a qualification. It is also not the end of your learning, but part of the pathway.