Value Recovery Officer

Career areas     Productive Landscapes

Job description

In this job you will be responsible for optimising the value recovery from the forest, for coordinating value recovery along the wood supply chain, monitor and assess what value opportunities exist and provide training and mentoring to staff and contractors on all aspects of value recovery.

Required qualification/experience

To undertake this job you require extensive native forests operations experience and understanding of harvesting systems, equipment productivity levels, rate costing and negotiation, ability to engage with and effectively manage and supervise forest harvesting contractors, comprehensive understanding of and experience in the application of native forest hardwood log specifications and standards, log grading techniques and product segregation, particularly in relation to high value products, ability to work with other functional managers in managing harvesting operations and specifically, in extracting value from the forest to mill supply chain and extensive knowledge of and experience in native forest silviculture and operational conditions applying to harvesting operations.