Bushland Management Team Leader

Career areas     Restoring Landscapes Conservation, Culture and Biodiversity

Job description

In this job you will be liaising with land managers, maintain records of works, clearing of weed infested areas (hand weeding, woody weed removal, spot spraying), care of remnant vegetation, regeneration works including conservation burns, planting and re-vegetation maintenance and general labouring.

Required qualification/experience

To undertake this job you will need a Diploma in Natural Resource Management or equivalent, First Aid Level 2, Chain Saw - (Fell Small Trees) and Traffic Management certificates as well as excellent weed and indigenous plant ID skills, good working knowledge of chemical and non chemical weed control techniques, ability to work in a team environment and effective communication with clients, management and staff.


Aquatic Scientist
Basalt to Bay Landcare Coordinator
Land Health Manager
Park Ranger
Regional Landcare Facilitator